Protection of Human Rights

Protection of Human Rights
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Protection of Human Rights

Human rights are an important part of protecting the rights and interests of employees. External management follows local labor laws and international norms and introduces social responsibility management system (SA 8000) for verification.   

Qisda provides education and training to enhance the awareness of the RBA on a regular basis and incorporate the ethical management system in the CSR and ESH management systems. In addition, the Company has established the Integrity Handbook and communicated it to the employees at our plants all over the world 
In addition, Qisda declares the protection of the employees’ rights and the availability of multiple communication channels.We have established the “Communication Management Procedure” for the internal complaints of the employees.For any sexual harassment or improper treatment, the employee concerned may report it to the HR unit directly in accordance with the “Whistleblowing and Complaint Handling Regulations”.The Company will keep the identity of the whistleblower confidential.

Human Rights Strategy

In terms of the material issues related to human rights, the Company has formulated the following implementation approaches:

Safe and Healthy

Provide a safe and healthy work environment

Prohibit discrimination

Ensure equal employment opportunities

Fair and Reasonable

Offer fair and reasonable wage and work conditions

freedom of assembly

Respect the freedom of assembly and association among the employees

Forbid hiring child labor and forced labor

Forbid hiring child labor and forced labor


Adhere to the values of ethics against corruption and prohibit bribery

Communication Channels

Provide stakeholders with communication channels

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