Trust in Customer Relationships

Trust in Customer Relationships
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Costumer Promise

Qisda performs regular customer satisfaction survey to ensure that the customer demands are understood and satisfied.

2021 Customer satisfaction survey results

Information Security

In order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, usability and legality of information assets, Qisda formulates corporate information security policies in accordance with the ISO 27001 international information security standards, forms an information security management committee, and organizes information security online education courses for all employees to improve colleagues’ information security awareness.             

Qisda has taken out corporate information security risk management insurance since July 2017 to deal with insurance claims for related expenses (such as operation interruption, forensics) when information security incidents occur. In order to reduce the loss of the company. Customer privacy protection is the basis of national regulations and company policies. It is Qisda's commitment to customers to ensure that customers' privacy is respected and protected while conducting business activities.

Information security risk analysis
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Privacy Protection

Qisda values and strives to protect privacy and personal data.Referencing to local laws and regulations related to protection of the right to privacy of each operation location along with the EU “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),” we have established privacy policies to protect all personal data.We also required the subsidiaries, joint ventures, suppliers, contractors, external consultancies and subcontractors to meet the policies in the hope of protecting the right of the personal data owner.            

In 2022, no complaint was received due to the occurrence of incidents related to data loss or leak.

Personal data leaks

Customer Privacy Management Framework

Data Protection
  • Access rights are established, and access to data by unrelated personnel requires approval through supervisor endorsement before partial permissions are granted.
  • Documents downloaded are labeled with the word 'Confidential' to remind users of their sensitive nature.

Internal Controls
  • Periodically educate employees on the importance of information security.

System Management
  • Customers with account credentials can access system website data but only within the scope of relevant business.
  • New account passwords are sent to customers through system-generated messages, ensuring that internal personnel do not have access to them. This ensures that the account is used solely by the applicant.

Number of complaints about personal data leaks





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