Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Supply Chain Management
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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

For Qisda’s supplier selection procedures, we investigate the suppliers’ management systems of production capacity, technical innovation ability, quality and services based on our future product demand trend and procurement strategies to see if the Company’s requirements are met. For our existing qualified suppliers, Qisda conducts careful supplier risk assessments. This involves regular and ad-hoc investigations into the financial status of suppliers, with a focus on high-risk groups, to ensure supply chain continuity. Strengthening supplier sustainability and building a green supply chain are also vital and ongoing efforts in Qisda's sustainable development initiatives. We vigilantly monitor labor and environmental issues and updates in regulations, and communicate international trends and demands to our suppliers.

Promote the Green Supply Chain

We promote the green supply chain in three phases: awareness, implementation and sustainability


  • Inspection of the supplier’s social responsibility, environment, safety and health
  • Self-assessment on the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA Code)
  • Education and training of key suppliers on GHG inventories


  • On-site audit of the supplier’s social responsibility,environment, safety and health
  • Implementation of the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA Code)
  • Self-disclosure and reduction of GHG generated from key components


  • Supplier’s independent management
  • Preparation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • Extension to the Tier 2 supplier

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