Operating Performance

Operating Performance
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Financial Performance

With the group resource platform as the core, Qisda has assembled invisible champions to form a joint fleet. In recent years, it has been more active in transformation and expanded its business territory.


In 2021, its consolidated revenue will increase by 18% annually, hitting a new high in ten years. In the future, it will maintain its competitive advantage with the four major operating principles, as well as innovation and technological development. Each year, the company spends an average of 2% to 3% of its turnover on product innovation and research and development, and has accumulated 1,192 patents from various countries.

Consolidated Revenue Increase in 2021
18 %
Accumulated Patents from Various Countries.
1192 patents

Qisda operational performances in the past three years





Operating revenue




Gross operating profit




Operating profit (loss)




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Four Major Operating Policies

Optimization of Existing Businesses

Our two major product lines, namely display and projector, continued to produce steady results and stay in the leading positions. The display segment outperformed the other companies in the overall industry and ranked second in the world. We kept moving towards professional display and medical display of high-end quality and high-ASP. Our DLP projector also ranked top 2 in the world, continuing to play a leading role.


Deployment of 5G Network Communication Business

In consideration of the growing importance of network communication in the future technology life, we provided total broadband services integrated with wired and wireless networks through our subsidiaries Alpha Networks, Hitron Technologies, and IDT.


Rapid Expansion of Medical Business

Qisda expanded the deployment in the medical field in a steady manner in 2021. The two medical centers in Suzhou and Nanjing operated well, with constant improvement made in the quality and management of medical care services. Meanwhile, the Phase-II construction in Nanjing BenQ Medical Center has started for smart health operations. Regarding the medical equipment and channel expansion, the BenQ Qflux Dialyzer produced by BenQ Dialysis Technology Corp. entered the markets in China and Indonesia in 2021. We were devoted to the one-stop services in the manufacturing and sales channel of dialyzers, dialysis solution, and disinfectant, and expanded the foundation of services through the investments in new smart pharmacies and healthcare administration services.


Acceleration of Solution Development

To provide complete IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) deployment, we marched toward the goal of becoming a total software and hardware service system integration provider. The consolidated revenue from intelligent solutions increased to NT$30 billion in 2021. Qisda continued to provide services in the six intelligent vertical markets that meet the requirements of non-contact and cloud transformation under the pandemic. We aggressively explored the business opportunities of cloud market and cloud and local integration, assisted the manufacturing industry in the enhancement of automation, and even created a solution that incorporated all the online and offline channel platforms for smart catering industry, satisfying the customer requirements.


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