Social care and influence

Social care and influence
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Realize Qisda’s vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ’N Quality to Life”

To realize Qisda’s vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ’N Quality to Life”, the Board of Directors of the Qisda Corporation (the former BenQ Corp.) The Foundation takes mankind and land as the origins with the “Environmental Protection” and “Social Care” as the vertical and horizontal axes which intersect with four core elements of 「Reduction of the Digital Gap」,「Cultivation of Honest and Smart Employees」,「Improvement of the Value in the Original Culture」,「Implementation of Environmental Protection」. It combines the core competencies of the companies to achieve the goals of digital opportunities, kindness education, cultural value, and environmental sustainability.

Reduction of the Digital Gap

From 2013 to 2022, the Foundation had dedicated itself to “DOC Volunteers’ Short Trip” for 10 consecutive years.It introduced the concept of sustainable tourism and discussed schedule plans that meet the requirements of local economic benefits, cultural translation and environmental sustainability with the stakeholders, such as community groups, to work together and assist smallholders in developing the immersive experience and marketing models in connection with the local communities, volunteers and DOCs.

Enabled a financial income in remote areas in 2021
2.26 million

Cultivation of Honest and Smart Employees

The BenQ Foundation invites representative youngsters to act as dream ambassadors. They visit the campus in remote mountains and seafronts to share their experience with the students at vocational and senior high schools about how they turned their dreams into actions. The instructors shared the charming stimulation in the accomplishment of the dreams with more than 25,000 teachers and students of 31 vocational and senior high schools.

Accomplishment of the dreams
31 vocational and senior high schools
Accomplishment of the dreams
25000 teachers and students 

Improvement of the Value in the Original Culture

The BenQ Foundation is dedicated to the development of the modern sculptural art in Taiwan and creates a new and cross-sector horizon of diversity. The Foundation has organized six sessions of “BenQ International Sculpture Workshop” since 2010 and built up a good image and experience for Taiwan in the international art circle. It has retained 90 master sculpture pieces in Taiwan. To promote the aesthetics of the public art, the Foundation donated two works to Taoyuan City Government and Hsinchu County Beipu Township Office in 2021. To manifest the value of the original culture, Darfon Electronics Corp., an affiliated company of the Group organized an exhibition of “I have a Dream: The Masterpieces of Yun-Chuan Lee” to provide the employees with an opportunity to experience the art space of painting in person.

Retained in Taiwan.
90 master sculpture pieces

Implementation of Environmental Protection

Friendly contract farming and adoption of a rise field The Foundation has performed contract farming for 13 consecutive years. It adopts rice fields in the Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Taiwan. Based on the concepts of friendly farming, the Foundation has entered into agreements with local farmers that cover 90 hectares of rice fields in Taiwan.

Cover rice fields in Taiwan
90 hectares 

Donations for COVID-19 Prevention

The BenQ Foundation donated three mobile testing booths and one testing station to Taoyuan City Government, to whose governance the Company is subjected, in first priority to provide rapid tests for the companies and communities in Taoyuan City, speed up the testing procedure, and expand the screening network. Provision of 40,110 face shields and 8,520 mask protection patches for the personnel of the Cardinal Tien Hospital and the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the National Taiwan University Hospital

Face shields
Mask protection patches
Foreign workers

Qisda Suzhou Plant

Qisda Suzhou in China takes the corporate social responsibility and take care of the people in need continuously. It accompanied the mentally challenged children to grow happily, expressed solicitude for the well-being of the aged people, and brought a different color for their later years. Qisda Suzhou worked with the BenQ Foundation to promote the concept of one-day volunteer. It gathered resources for the affected employees in Henan, cared for the aged people, arranged the mentally challenged children for a trip to old towns, and planned marts for public welfare. Qisda Suzhou attracted new blood to the volunteer group and the employees of the company participated in public welfare activities for a total of 1,530 hours in 2021.

Volunteer group and the employees of the company participated in public welfare activities
1530 hours 

Taiwan – The “Loving Care Club” and “Public Welfare Ukulele Club”

The “Loving Care Club” and “Public Welfare Ukulele Club” were organized by the employees full of affectionate love.The purposes of these clubs are to provide a diverse public welfare platform for the employees, so that they can participate in volunteer events and the clubs can give assistance to public welfare organizations and take care disadvantaged groups in society.   
n 2021, 17 charity events were held, involving 190 volunteers who contributed a total of 748 hours. These events, including fundraising and charity sales, raised a total of 1,123,360 NTD.

Charitable volunteers
Volunteer work
748 hours 
Successfully raised a total amount
1123360 NTD

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