Cookies and other technologies

Cookies and other technologies

We use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about your preference of using this Website We use Track ID to track behaviors on this Website, such as the time a visitor browses or spends on a page, device information, in order to improve our Website. We also use Google Analytics for statistical analysis. Please refer to their privacy policy for more details:


Most browsers allow their users to delete or block cookies, or alert their users about the use of cookies. You may change the setting of your browser to allow or block cookie. 

In addition to Cookies, we also collect the following information:

  • The link (URL) visited by a visitor
  • The IP address of a visitor
  • The brand, system, operating system of the device used by a visitor
  • The type, solution, color of the bowser used by a visitor
  • The geolocation data of the source of a visit (such as back-tracing through a third-party GeoIP)
  • The ISP telecommunication service provider of the source of a visit (such as back-tracing through a third-party GeoIP)


Some counties (for example, EEA countries) ask us to obtain your consent to cookies when you visit our Website. When you enter this Website from those countries, you will be notified to agree, change, or reject the use of cookie. Some cookies are mandatory and cannot be rejected. For other nonmandatory cookies, you are free to decide whether to allow them. However, you may not be able to use the full functions on this Website when some cookies are disabled.