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Leader's word
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Sustainability Blue Ocean: Leading the Fleet


Peter Chen
Continuously leveraging the vast resources of our fleet, steering the synergistic growth of transformative new ventures.

Thanks to the effort of all employees, Qisda’s revenue of 2022 reached NT$239.829 billion and showed an annual increase of 6.1%, which was a record high over the years. Due to our early deployment in highly value-added new businesses, the revenue of both network communication and smart solutions businesses exceeded NT$30 billion, and the revenue of the medical business also surpassed NT$20 billion. With the operation scale expanding, the phased goal of “getting more than 50% revenue from highly value-added businesses (medical business, solutions and others) in 2022” was officially achieved. Moreover, Qisda has officially started to march toward the vision and goal for the next 5 years “having more than 50% profitability of highly value-added business in 2027.”                  

We have gained weight and grown strong; now, it is time to start “building muscles.” Qisda will continue to play the role of the resource platform for the alliance and leads the transformed new business in delivering a business synergy and increasing profitability.                  

In addition to operation, the BenQ Qisda Group spares no effort in participation in ESG. We have actively set goals and striven to implement ESG. In December 2022, we officially announced our participation in RE100 and made a commitment to achieving the goal of reducing carbon by 20% in the supply chain before 2030, using renewable energy comprehensively by 2040, and reaching net zero emissions by 2050.                   

The Group’s alliance leads small companies and invites suppliers to join us in creating common good together and exerting power that is 100 times bigger than the status quo. Currently, net zero emissions are the common understanding internationally. Hence, whether ESG can be implemented will affect the Company’s existence and development in the future. We ask every employee to actively assist in the Company’s ESG goals in his/her work area in order to make the Earth’s environment better.

Innovate and break through, sailing toward the sea of sustainability

With “having more than 50% profitability of highly value-added business in 2027” as the new vision, Qisda has started a 5-year plan to improve our performance and further increase profitability in the hope of implementing value transformation. This indicates a clear direction for the Group’s future. Qisda is not only one of the leading companies of the world in LCD displays and projectors, but continues to increase our influence in the industry by investing resources in the medical business, AIoT and the network communication industry. We have been recognized and received the Best Companies to Work for in Asia for four consecutive years, and also been selected as one of the Taiwan Top-100 Best Sustainability Enterprise. These mainly result from the collaboration of all employees and the upstream and downstream partners. Facing challenges in the future, let us build resilience and make agile responses together. We will further lead the partners in the alliance to innovate and break through, sailing toward the sea of sustainability.

Creating Sustainable Excellence Together


Joe Huang
Together, let us “facilitate common good for sustainability in Qisda,” make greater accomplishments, and create a better future.

Corporate sustainable development is one of Qisda’s core value. We are aware that only through SDGs can we protect the Earth’s environment, continuously improve employee welfare, and create economical value for the Company.

Committing to achieving 100% renewable energy usage by 2040 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

On December 21, 2022, the Qisda Group officially announced that we will become a member of RE100. We are the first Taiwanese technology group of computer peripherals that joins RE100, and we have made a commitment to using renewable energy comprehensively by 2040. In addition, the Company announces the goal of reaching net zero by 2050.

Realizing zero pollution, zero waste, and zero emissions

In the ESG report, we disclosed the Company’s ESG plans and results in different aspects. This includes green design of products for carbon emission reduction, improvement of supply chain transparency for labor rights protection, sustainable supply chain for environmental protection, and green operation management methods for waste reduction. Our goal is to realize zero pollution, zero waste and zero emission.                   

Many measures have currently been adopted. For example, the Company has used eco-friendly raw materials and green energy during the production process, and conducted training plans to improve employees’ behaviors and awareness. These measures not only benefit the Company, but also facilitates the healthy development of our customers, communities, suppliers and the global environment.                  

The Company only accounts for 1% of the carbon footprint in manufacturing; the others come from suppliers and users. This shows the importance of reducing carbon with upstream and downstream partners. In addition to setting the goal of RE100 at 2040, which is earlier than the industry, we also explicitly establish goals of carbon reduction for suppliers by 2030. What Qisda really wants is to take actions with everyone, and only in this way can the performance of sustainability improve.

Expanding value, enhancing efficiency, and moving forward.

Corporate operation is like a relay race. Currently, Qisda’s new businesses have reached a certain size, and the revenue of the highly value-added business has reached NT$100 billion. Next, we will march toward the goals “value expansion” and “efficiency improvement” to increase the overall profitability. Qisda will expand high profit products and dedicate itself to products and services with a gross margin of more than 20%. New business with market potential and in which Qisda has competitive advantages will be deployed, and “value expansion” will be accelerated through strategic investments. For “efficiency improvement,” we will continue the strategies used in last year, such as lean and focused operations and operational optimization, to improve the overall business performance. In addition, we will speed up the deployment of a supply chain in mainland China, charging forward on Qisda’s road of value transformation.                  

“Facilitating common good together” is an important concept. We hope that everyone can collaborate with and support one another, and further bring sustainability to Qisda with the common sustainability goal.

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