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Qisda Suzhou Factory continues to devote itself to the improvement of environmental protection

Qisda Suzhou Factory continues to devote itself to the improvement of environmental protection, and the exhaust gas emissions have been steadily decreasing year by year.The main action plan adopted are as follows: For the painting production line with a lot of exhaust gas emissions, we improve the process from the source and change the raw material from oil paint to waterborne paint.On this basis, the terminal exhaust gas treatment equipment has also been upgraded and transformed the process from the “activated carbon adsorption” to the “activated carbon adsorption and desorption” , which is with a treatment efficiency over 80%.The project was praised by the Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Province and the Suzhou Municipal Government and published in many media.At the same time, this project was also selected as Suzhou's extraordinary ten-year environmental protection model case and broadcast on the prime time of Suzhou TV station.For the waste gas treatment of soldering process, Qisda introduced water spraying and activated carbon adsorption facilities.The adsorption efficiency of the activated carbon is strictly controlled, and the replacement frequency of activated carbon has also been changed from once a year or six months to a quarter.In the use of cleaning solvents, we are also committed to replacing traditional high-volatile solvents and switching to environmentally friendly solvent.Qisda’ s action plans, such as raw material replacement and processing equipment optimization, not only significantly help reducing air emissions, but also allow employees to work in a more friendly, comfortable and green environment.

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