Product Innovation and Responsibility

Product Innovation and Responsibility
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Product Innovation and Responsibility

n the aspect of management, Qisda coverts reasonable requirements to implementation plans through the new product development system. We divide the process of product development, from idea generation to the final stage, into seven phases (Q00-Q60) based on the mission and management goals of each development stage. By doing so, we ensure the quality and reliability of the products. In addition, Qisda establishes internal product development process through the management system described above. We also ensure that all products produced by Qisda and delivered to the customers meet both of the following requirements:

01. All Products Must Pass the Product Safety Tests Qisda’s products have to go through the tests below, and Qisda can only start mass production after obtaining product-related certifications in order to ensure that the customers can receive the products without concerns about product safety. The tests include: 
Product Safety

Reduction and precaution of product-related danger such as electrical leakage, energy and fire generated by short circuits, heat during operations, chemicals and radiation. For instance, the Taiwan BSMI certification, the US UL standards (UL60950-1 E d. 2/ IEC62368-1/UL62368-1), the China CCC standards (GB 4943.1-2011/GB8898-2011), etc.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Detection of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic products and its impact on human bodies, public electrical grid and other electronic products that function normally; testing of whether the electronic products function stably without being affected in electromagnetic environments. For instance, the US FCC labeling, the Canada ICES-003 issue 7, the EU CE marking (EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC), etc.

02. All Products Must Meet the Requirements of the “Non-hazardous Substance Process Management Procedures 
Qisda’s quality/hazardous substance free policy

Qisda complies with the goal: “Our products and services must conform to the promised quality, specification, cost and delivery date; We must devote ourselves to energy saving and environmental protection when designing and manufacturing the products, and fulfill the corporate social responsibility.” We also comply with the quality/hazardous substance free policy and will spare no effort to promote and establish systems that meet the international standards, such as the ISO 9001 “quality management system” and IECQ QC 080000 “hazardous substance process quality management system.” We strive for improving the process continuously, reducing defects and waste, and making improvements in quality and productivity by pursuing continuous enhancement and precaution with the most economical methods. Meanwhile, we are dedicated to complying with regulations related to hazardous substances (such as the EU RoHS Directive) and meeting the customers’ requirements, and further complying our products with the society’s expectation and reducing negative impacts to the environment.

Quality Policies 

Qisda also makes cards and built a mobile app (Qplay) about the quality policies for all employees to check them out anytime.

Relevant Certificates

Relevant certificates are also stored on the internal and external websites.

Systemized Management Mechanism 

Qisda verifies that its products comply with the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and conform to the customers’ personal requirement that we prohibit and limit the use of hazardous substances before mass production. Meanwhile, Qisda audits all suppliers regularly, strictly manages component and material approvals, and strongly inspects imported materials. By doing so, we establish a systemized management mechanism to ensure that the customers can receive the products without concerns about health.

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