Green Product

Green Product
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Green Product

The Company places importance on the green design, uses the eco-design approach, and takes the environmental impact and carbon reduction into account at the design stage. A carbon footprint report is produced via the management platform and the Company takes follow-up and management measures for the performance of the carbon reduction

Green Product Management Structure

Quality/Hazardous substance management

Qisda devotes itself to promoting the quality management system (ISO 9001), the medical devices quality management system (ISO 13485), the automotive quality management system (IATF 16949) and the hazardous substance process quality management system (IECQ QC 080000). We design and manufacture products that conform to laws, regulations and the requirements for customer safety and health. In the “Quality and No-Hazardous Substance Handbook,” we clearly disclose Qisda’s policies for quality and hazardous substance free, and the policies are verified by a third party.  

The Chairman of Qisda also serves as the person in charge of our quality/hazardous substance management system, who supervises and establishes different levels of QA teams and coordinators to promote the quality/hazardous substance free policies throughout the company and require the employees’ compliance. By using communication methods such as educational training, internal announcements on the official website, promotional cards, Qisda guides our employees to be aware of the importance of meeting the requirements of laws and regulations, the quality policies of the Company, the quality goals and the requirements of the customers. We also inspect the suitability of the management system and the usability of resources during management review meetings. We hope to improve the process continuously, reduce defects and waste, and make improvements in quality and productivity by pursuing continuous enhancement and precaution with the most economical methods. Meanwhile, we hope to meet the EU RoHS Directive and the customers’ requirements, and further have our products comply with society’s expectation and reduce negative impacts to the environment.

In 2021, there were no violations of laws or voluntary standards that impact health and safety within the product lifecycle, and no breaches of regulations or voluntary agreements related to product and service information and labeling.

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