Qisda Received Two Prestigious Honors for the First Time at the “2023 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards”

Qisda Received Two Prestigious Honors for the First Time at the “2023 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards”

August 13,2023


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Qisda is dedicated to business sustainability and has been honored with two awards in 2023 “Asia Responsible Enterprise Award” (AREA). Qisda has won the “Green Leadership Category” for its commitment to deepening earth-friendly green products and been also recognized in the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Category” for its efforts in gathering the grand fleet to expand social influence. Even during their inaugural participation, it secured dual international awards, showcasing excellence in both categories.

The Enterprise Asia organized the AREA A wards ceremony on June 30th. AREA is the most influential and prestigious CSR award in Asia, recognizing outstanding achievements in corporate responsibility and sustainable development by companies and leaders. The award has garnered a reputation as the “Sustainable Nobel Prize,” with participants from 19 countries and markets competing for eight major awards.


Chairman of Qisda, Peter Chen expresses that Qisda actively practices sustainable business and has set ambitious goals. These goals include a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 for its supply chain, 100% renewable energy usage by 2040, and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. In the future, Qisda will accelerate innovation and provide even more earth-friendly products. It aims to collaborate with its grand fleet and supplier partners to reduce carbon emissions and work towards the goal of “Together, Make the World Better.”


As one of the world’s top two display manufacturers, Qisda has been leading the industry since 2010 in obtaining product carbon footprint certifications for LCD displays. The company has also established a carbon management platform for monitoring the carbon footprints of all its products, including displays and projectors. The platform generates “cradle-to-gate” product carbon footprint reports, and its carbon footprint calculation methodology aligns with the standards of product carbon footprints (PAS 2050 and ISO 14067). These efforts have gained recognition from customers.

Starting with green design, Qisda consistently pursues annual targets for energy saving, waste reduction, and carbon emissions reduction. It has implemented effective design guidelines and management systems, while actively nurturing green talent. Across its product lines, Qisda has achieved an average energy saving of 42.43%, waste reduction of 38.95%, and carbon emissions reduction of 45.47%. By actively reducing its environmental impact, Qisda not only enhances product performance but has also earned recognition in the “Green Leadership Category” of the AREA award for its commitment to “deepening earth-friendly green products.”


Regarding the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Category,” since Qisda published its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report in 2007, the company has demonstrated its commitment for 15 years. In recent years, as part of its grand fleet strategy during corporate transformation, Qisda has shared related experiences with its fleet-related subsidiaries, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial platform. Qisda consistently showcases its positive influence on the environment and society. Moving forward, Qisda will actively engage in international alliance initiatives to lead its grand fleet partners in achieving sustainable goals.